Thursday, January 14, 2010

last few days in the field

This has been a tremendously successful field season. Despite the weather and some of the other challenges, we have really had a terrific season. All of our scientific goals have been achieved. Now we just need to wait for the snow to accumulate again this winter!

In the last few days of field work, we saw some interesting things... This halo in the sky is one.
We also see many interesting rocks. I am a terrible geologist, so I will not try to identify the minerals, but you can see some of the interesting ways in which rocks physically breakdown (i.e. "weather") here. Through many, many freeze-thaw cycles, rocks will often split into several pieces - they often look as if they had been sliced.
This is an artsy picture... We found this large boulder with two hollowed-out cavities in it and thought it looked a bit like a skull of some kind. So, we added to large white balls that we had with us for lidar work, and now it is art!This is the F-6 field camp. It has been improved significantly since I came here 11 years ago as a graduate student.
It is now a 2-room hut with skylights and nice windows. There is a lot of storage in the built-in bins and cabinets outside of the hut. I spent one night out here this past week and enjoyed reminiscing about my previous years in this spot...

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