Monday, January 18, 2010

heading north

It is again time to depart the ice... Not an easy thing to do, but you look forward to it at the same time... I knew this day was coming soon when I turned in my P-bottle last week... You see, we cannot go to the bathroom wherever we want down here - any inch of ground could be important to someone else's studies. So, we have to carry a 1 liter plastic bottle in which we collect our urine if we have to "go" while we are working outside. Turning that bottle in (after you wash it very thoroughly) means that you are not heading back out to the field again.

I have not been able to upload any images in the past few days, so I will try to get another post with some images from Antarctica uploaded when I get to New Zealand. Preview: it will be about the colors of Antarctica - watch for it!

The flight we take to get back to New Zealand is on its way from Christchurch now and it looks to be pretty full. It includes several "DVs" (Distinguished Visitors) - two of which are Arden Bement (Director of the National Science Foundation) and Karl Erb (Director of the Office of Polar Programs of NSF) - very important folks to those of us seeking funds from NSF! Current DVs on station now include Sir David Attenborough, the famous naturalist and documentary narrator. He is often watched wherever he goes.


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